An architect’s role as a designer is to transform the client’s abstract idea into an innovative design concept, and through the reviews and dialogue, develop the approved concept into a functional, comfortable and cost-effective design solution that is climate friendly and equates to timeless aesthetic appeal and value.

  • Translation of client requirements into a design brief

  • Site evaluation, analysis and impact assessment

  • Site planning and architectural design

  • Structural design and calculations

  • Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design

  • Electrical, electronics and communication systems planning

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design

  • Planning of elevators, escalators and other means of mechanized movement

  • Design of fire detection, protection and fighting system

  • Security systems design

  • Inspection and evaluation of construction works

  • Coordination and construction management


People spend more time indoors at their home, workplace, places of recreation and retail. In today’s competitive and stressful lifestyle cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever. The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice.

  • Site evaluation and assessment

  • Space planning and volumetric studies

  • Architectural additions and alterations

  • Design of fixed items of work, loose Furniture and interior related civil works

  • Illumination design

  • Sound management and acoustic design

  • Graphic design and signage

  • Indoor plant-scape

  • Selection of materials, equipment and gadgetry

  • Integration of engineering services


  • Site appraisal and sustainability

  • Site planning

  • Landform and grading

  • Design of landscape structure and layout

  • Circulation design

  • Open space design including roads, parking, hard and soft areas, boundary walls, gates, fences, etc.

  • Planting design

  • Surface drainage and water management strategies

  • Design of garden features

  • Architectural detailing of outdoor structures

  • Graphic design and signage

  • Illumination design

  • Coordination of external services

When man builds, he must take both nature and society into account. With this concept – the ecological approach to landscape architecture-both the natural and man-made environment should be blended to produce  a harmonius whole, so that while altering the ‘living system’, the vital inter-relationships between living and non-living things are not distributed. It is with this insight and understanding that the landscape architect plans his work. As such the role of landscape architect and his profound insights into the functioning of the ‘living system’ assumes very much importance nowadays.











For clients who desire expedited delivery and the consistency of a single resource to take their project from inception to completion, Xponent brings a wealth of experience in alternate design delivery processes. We have served both as the concept design architect and as a collaborative member of Design-Build teams, while continuing to be recognized for the quality of our technical documentation, our knowledge of construction, and our overall collaborative team spirit. We have also worked successfully with a number of client-retained Program Managers and Construction Managers, and participated in various partnering agreements with General Construction companies.




  • Single Point of ResponsibilityA design-build contract combines design and construction quality, cost, and schedule into a single point of responsibility.

  • Improved Project QualityUsing the design-build delivery, the architect and contractor coordinate as a team, leaving an owner free to focus on the project’s scope and general decision making.

  • Earlier knowledge of Guaranteed costs: The design-build delivery system allows the contractor to establish a guaranteed cost early on in the design phase.

  • Cost Savings: Value engineering and constructability review are enhanced and utilized continuously throughout the project duration.

  • Time Savings:  With a design-build project, design and construction for a project can easily overlap, allowing for fast track construction.